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We carry two of the best mezzanine brands on the market, Teilhaber and Wildeck. Mezzanines help you to maximize your valuable space by adding an additional level to your facility. Let us help you design a mezzanine system that will match your requirements including weight load, size and color.

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Teilhaber Manufacturing Corporation can supply your company with a variety of rack and shelf storage systems
Teilhaber Q Mezzanines and Elevated Walkway Systems

Teilhaber Q Mezzanines and Elevated Walkway Systems

Q Mezzanines and Elevated Walkway Systems

Q Free Standing Mezzanines can double your warehouse capacity with minimal overhead increase. Mezzanines are built to your height and clear span specifications to fit around and over your current operations.

Q Mezzanines transform overhead airspace into usable storage areas. Storing up, instead of out frees valuable floor space for more profitable activities.

Q Mezzanines are designed to satisfy your specific capacity requirements in concert with OSHA, UBC and BOCA regulations. Q Mezzanines feature the finest components - structural stairways, platforms and landings, handrail, kickplate, single or double swing gates to mention a few. Our most commonly used decking material has 80% open area allowing maximum ventilation and lighting.

Units and bays can be connected by grating and grating supports to create elevated walkways that allow for easy picking of products from shelves without mechanical devices or ladders.

Q products and designs have been used in the construction of full mat mezzanines and elevated walkways for over 25 years. Our components are among the strongest in the industry and because we also manufacture pallet rack, customizing a system to your specific need is not a problem.

Wildeck: steel mezzanines, material lifts (VRC), and safety guardrail products
Wildeck Mezzanines

Wildeck Mezzanines

Wildeck Mezzanines Make Space Work For You

Wildeck® structural steel storage mezzanines are your best solution to fully utilize existing overhead space so you can operate more efficiently and profitably. You can gain valuable working, office, storage, or manufacturing areas at a fraction of the cost of new construction and often with a significant tax depreciation advantage.

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Teilhaber Manufacturing Corporation can supply your company with a variety of rack and shelf storage systems



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